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Webster Tree Service offers tree removal services in Auburn, ME
Webster Tree Service offers stump grinding services in Auburn, ME
Webster Tree Service offers pruning and trimming services in Auburn, ME

Trust the Tree Removal Experts Webster Tree Service in Auburn, ME

Trees can cause many issues for residential and commerical property owners. If you are concerned about falling limbs that damage your property during a storm, or trees that become too big or dangerous, call Webster Tree Service in Auburn, ME. Our tree removal experts are the ideal professionals for the job, keeping you and your property safe and secure. Find peace of mind by relying on our skills to quickly and safely remove any nuisance or dangerous trees around your home or business today! Webster Tree Service provides reliable and efficient stump grinding services in Auburn, ME

Nuisance Stump Grinding Services

If a nuisance stump is near a driveway, building, or other structure, call Webster Tree Service to quickly grind it down. In addition to the enhancement of the appearance of your home or business, stump grinding allows for new construction, added safety, and the prevention of property damage. Our stump grinding services are reliable, efficient, and perfect for any residential or commercial property owner in the area!

Expert Pruning & Trimming Webster Tree Service in Auburn, ME

Webster Tree Service has been the area’s source for the best tree trimming and pruning services for years. Home and business owners rely on us for routine trimming, expert pruning, and much more. If trees on your property are overgrown, or are encroaching on certain structures or areas, contact our professionals to take care of the problem as soon as possible.
If you are in need of top-quality tree removal or trimming services, request a quote today!

Plowing When You Need It

It is a fact that it can snow heavily throughout the Auburn region, so Webster Tree Service provides plowing services. We have the equipment to keep lots and areas clear for vehicles and greater accessibility in winter. Let Webster Tree Service provide plowing when you need it and help ease up on the snowy burden you face. Call (207) 784-9421 now to get a quote and be added to our plowing schedule ahead of heavy winter weather.

If you need top-quality tree removal, trimming, or plowing services, request a quote today!

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About Webster Tree Service Webster Tree Service in Auburn, ME

As the area’s industry leader in tree removal services, Webster Tree service has what you need when it comes to residential and commercial stump grinding, trimming, tree removal, and plowing services in Auburn, ME. With more than 40 years of experience, we are the best source for the most reliable services available. As an upstanding local company, we clean up our work area after every service, provide workers compensation for our employees, and offer free estimates for our customers. We proudly serve many home and business owners in all of the following areas:
  • Auburn, ME
  • Lisbon, ME
  • Poland, ME
  • Oxford, ME
  • New Gloucester, ME
  • Greene, ME
  • Lisbon Falls, ME
  • Sabattus, ME
  • Windham, ME
  • Grey, ME
  • Lewiston, ME
  • Mechanic Falls, ME
  • Turner, ME
  • South Paris, ME
  • Norway, ME

Are You A Lead Arborist? Webster Tree Service in Auburn, ME

Looking for better pay? Better compensation for your skills? Interested in Androscoggin and/or Oxford County? Webster Tree Service would like to talk to you about that. Give us a call at (207) 784-9421.